La Mesada Inverpor has developed an environment suited to livestock as a result of its strict program, comprehensive controls and professional facilities and equipment for breeding and training racehorses.

Logotipo de La Mesada Inverpor

La Mesada

La Mesada Inverpor is a haven for the world of horses, cattle and goats, and is the ideal for scenario for a sector with great projection. With an area of over 1,000,000 m2, Inverpor La Mesada’s surroundings and excellent facilities are suitable for breeding and training competition horses, as well as the development and farming of cattle and goat breeds.

The stables has a team of veterinarians, animal keepers and blacksmiths who ensure the perfect condition and development of the animals by carrying out exhaustive feeding and breeding controls, facility maintenance, disease prevention and cleaning of the complex.

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